Fish Markets on Pine Island

We love Pine Island!  Who doesn’t?  The art galleries, interesting characters, and, of course, the seafood markets.  Although businesses and owners have come and gone, Andy’s and the Olde Fish House market are consistent, excellent choices.  The Olde Fish House has changed over the last couple of years, probably for the betterment of its owners, but we miss its old, sleepy charm.  Still a great choice, especially for fried oysters, but no longer a “hidden gem” where you’ll have the place to yourself.  They do seem to have lots of live music if you are looking for something to do that is a bit more lively.

Andy’s has stayed true to its roots of being, mainly, a great market to buy fresh seafood.  But their lunch items, although limited, are fantastic.  And they have a few tables, both inside and out by the water.  Between the two, we usually opt for Andy’s these days, but we always make at least one stop at Olde Fish House for oysters.

What are your thoughts?  Are there any other markets that we should try?

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