Cuban Food

We’ve been branching out by trying some of the wonderful Cuban restaurants in the area, especially the Cape Coral area.  It is easy to discount this area as the strip malls all tend to look the same when you are flying by at 50 mph, but we’ve found some nice gems.   Our most recent discovery, El Clandestino, is probably the best we’ve had so far.  Here is the Yelp entry:

This is definitely a family owned establishment and it is clear that the owners have a lot of pride in what they do.  If you are looking for something new and yummy, check it out.  Plus, like most Cuban places, the prices are so inexpensive you actually feel a little bad about paying so little.  And, great Cuban coffee (we order ours with milk, no sugar).

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2 Responses to Cuban Food

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    • jfrasher227 says:

      Thanks for your comment. We are going to try to get the word out about the site so that we can hear from others and their finds, so please spread the word. We will try to keep posting more often.

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