The Golf at BSM

BSM has a very nice 27 hole golf course that is part of the development.  The score cards can be found here:

One of my favorite activities is to drive 2 minutes to the clubhouse (usually in the golf cart) and play nine holes in the evening.  Because there are 3 nines, it is never that busy and you can play at your own pace.  Lots of wildlife to see, and the course conditions are usually fantastic.

Most of the holes are par 3, but there are enough par 4s to add variety.  All the courses are nice, but my favorite is probably Osprey.  The holes are varied and interesting, and I love the drive on the par 4 6th hole.  The 9th hole is also fun once you figure out how to play it!

The course has lots of water, so accuracy is key.  But even beginners will have a great time!  The practice area is also well done – driving range, practice greens and bunkers, and a practice area for short chips and pitches.


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