Mango Season is Near

Did you know that Pine Island is one of the few places in the US mainland where tropical fruit can be grown?  We’ve enjoyed everything from longan to mango and, once, papayas.  Mango season is in the summer and, even if you cannot make it to FL, you can place an order on line.  We’ve had great luck at The Mango Factory:

They grow several varieties, and we have found them to be very tasty with a smooth texture and few fibrous strings.  Some of the best we have ever had, and only 20 minutes from BSM.

The "hedgehog" style is a common way...

The “hedgehog” style is a common way of eating mangoes (left). A cross section of a mango can be seen on the right, not quite fully halving the fruit as the stone is not visible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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