Can you believe there’s good Chinese Dim Sum near BSM?

barbeque pork bao, Chinese dim sum. 中文: 叉烧包

barbeque pork bao, Chinese dim sum. 中文: 叉烧包 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chinese Dim Sum Siu Maai 60401

Chinese Dim Sum Siu Maai 60401 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a kind of fried dim sum.

a kind of fried dim sum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re still rather surprised that there are two Chinese restaurants that serve dim sum within a 30 minute drive of BSM.  They are in Fort Myers.  E L Chinese is on Cleveland, and Wok Cuisine is on Boy Scout.  Unfortunately, they are too small to have push carts with steaming dim sum brought to your table for inspection and selection but you can order off the menu.  E L has pictures of the dim sum selection for those not familiar with the names or description of the items.  Most of the items are yummy steamed or fried dumplings made with different stuffings like shrimp, pork, and various vegetables.  They also have more elaborate dishes like fried noodles with stir-fried vegetables and a seafood medley on top.  One of our favorites at E L Chinese is the beef stew, which for hard-core Chinese food lovers, has beef tendon that’s been stewed for so long that it’s tender with still a slight chewiness to it.  We normally eat two to three bowls of this dish.

The prices are reasonable at both restaurants so it’s not a huge risk to be adventurous and select something randomly off the menu just to try.  The beauty of trying something unfamiliar is that you might delight in finding a new favorite dish or you can share an amusing story to your friends and family about the time you were served something that was an unrecognizable animal part that was delicious but that you’d rather not be told what it was.

We hope to see all of you there.  We’ll be the bi-racial family with a table overflowing with dim sum and chopsticks flying in all directions.

By the way, if you’re looking for an Asian grocery store, stop off at Leaf Asian Market (on Cleveland) on your way home.  They have everything you need to try cooking your own Asian meal.  Their array of Asian produce is impressive and incredibly fresh (my Vietnamese mother is very pleased).  We love this family business.

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2 Responses to Can you believe there’s good Chinese Dim Sum near BSM?

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  2. jfrasher227 says:

    Looks like EL now has a new name. We have not been there in a year or so, but the Yelp reviews are similar. We just went to Wok, and, although light in atmosphere, the food is good and the service quick.

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